YELLOW 40X25 Inches Wifi Semi Outdoor LED Sign Programmable Scrolling Message Display Board

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  • 64 x 96 pixels (that is 6144 Ultra Bright Diodes)
  • Simple to use programming software Included
  • OVER 40 different displaying styles
  • Multiple Language Supported
  • 40,000+ hours of usage
  • Easy to install ear mounts
  • 25″ by 40” Inch
  • Indoor, Semi-Outdoor (Install with cover – not water proof)
  • WIFI Connectivity, USB port for programming, Mobile APP
  • User friendly software for programming
  • Any logo, sign etc. can be displayed
  • Number of different animations available
  • Heavy duty bright LED
  • Metal Steel cabinet
  • Input voltage (AC) 110v~220v
  • Safe to touch and operate
  • Super Low Energy Consumption

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